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Quality control is a primary responsibility of every employee serving food and drinks to the customer. You are the last person to come in contact with the food before the customer does. If something does not look right or is not presentable, DO NOT SERVE IT! The saying "People eat with their eyes" is very true. Make sure all of your products look good on the plates.

What to Keep in Mind before severing:

  • HOT food. Few things are more basic but more important. Check to see of your food is hot. Just because something is in the dumb Waiter, does not mean that it is hot. If it is not hot, DO NOT TAKE IT OUT. Ask the kitchen to re-heat.
  • Clean plates. Always check any plates, mugs, silverware, and napkins before you present them to the customer. Check food basket for grease spots, spilled food, etc.
  • Correct portions. Always check to see that the product is in the right portions. Make sure you are taking YOUR order. This can be very embarrassing at the table. Always ask yourself if you would eat that item if it were brought to you.
  • When bringing out drinks, be certain the glass is clean, filled to the proper level, and that the garnish is correct, fresh and attractive.
  • Cold food is as equally important as hot food. Make sure cold foods are going out cold, not warm or cool, but cold.
  • Check back . . . within two bites to make sure everything is perfect. Don't say, "Is everything OK?" Guests here this saying so often it's meaningless. Say something like, "How's your hamburger cooked?" Be specific and sincere in wanting to know the answer.

If the customer is not satisfied. . . or there is obviously something wrong at the table, i.e., cracked glass, foreign object in food, not cooked properly, etc., use the following steps:

  • Apologize.
  • Remove the items immediately.
  • Get a manager. Management will take the necessary steps in making sure that the problem is corrected and that the customer is 100% satisfied.

Cooking Temps

Always get the cooking temperature for meats.  Our cooking temperatures are as follows:

Rare - Bloody cool center, touch of rawness
Medium Rare - Bloody red, no rawness of meat
Medium - Pink warm center
Medium Well to Well - Fully cooked with no redness 

Cooking Times & Handling Timing Problems
Once an order is rung to the kitchen, preparation of that item begins. It is imperative that appetizers are rung first. We have a specific button to alert the kitchen that an appetizer should be sent out first. 

Once an order has been placed, you can expect to receive lunch items within 10-15 minutes and dinner items within 15 - 20 minutes. This time may lengthen during a busy rush.  

If, by chance, you have a long time ticket, do not hide from your table. Many of our guests have tight time constraints with their tee time. If they seem to be in a big hurry suggest faster dishes.  Ask when they tee off! You could suggest something off our 15minute menu or if they are looking for something quicker maybe a sandwich from the Kiosk.


Hear What Our GlenEagles Fanatics Have to Say

  • "The on course player assistant was amazing and it was an unexpected surprise."
    Keith P.

  • "Wonderful mid season shape! Nice work guys."
    Chris M.

  • "There is nowhere else I want to play!"

    Ralph S.

  • "Some of the best greens I've ever played; rolled true and with no flaws. Beautiful layout!"

    Dan L.

  • "I have golfed all around the world and I have never seen anything like the GlenEagles Player Host Program.... Great touch!"

    Derek B.

  • "The starter and beverage cart girl made our guests feel most welcome!"

    Lyle T.

  • "I'm always impressed by the course itself, and the staff and facilities make the experience awesome every time I play here." 

    Elias P.

  • "The ladies behind the registration desk are always friendly and welcoming!"

    Ed M.

  • "The Proshop staff were excellent!"

    Michael H.

  • "Extremely impressed with the course! Overall great shape"

    Duane D.

  • "The course concierge is a great idea. He is very friendly"

    Sean M.


    Yvonne H.

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