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The Fried Egg at Calgary Golf Courses

This week’s tip is a technique used for a ball plugged in a bunker (“fried egg”).  I figure this tip will come in handy with guests at GlenEalges as well as anyone playing Calgary Golf Courses, apparently we have more than a few bunkers on the course.  There is nothing worse than rolling up on a bunker and finding your ball plugged in the side of a bunker or even in the bottom of the bunker.  Here is a neat trick to try to help get the ball out of the bunker on the first attempt.

To pull this shot off properly you have to think of putting the club completely opposite of that for a flop shot.  When attempting a “Phil Mickelson” flop shot you open the clubface to the utmost extreme.  When attempting to hit a fried egg golf ball from the lip of a bunker you need to close the clubface completely.   This means the heel of the club and back of the shaft are facing upwards.  This will allow the toe to dig into the sand first and rotate the clubface open, causing the club to scoop the sand with the golf ball out of the “fried egg” lie.  You still need to take an aggressive swing at the ball, hitting about 1-1.5 inches behind the ball and make sure to follow through completely. 

We hope you don't have too many of these during your round http://www.gleneaglesgolf.com.

Stance is Power

At the foundation of every good golf swing is good balance. Maintaining balance will allow for both maximum speed and accuracy. Lose your balance and your swing falls apart.


At address, we are striving for what is called an athletic position.

This position is somewhat universal in sports, it’s used in a basketball free-throws, and especially swinging a baseball bat.

For this athletic position your weight should be balanced equally over the arches of both feet. From this dynamic position, your body is ready to quickly move in any direction.

A good way to check your balance is simply jump straight up in the air.

If you're balanced, you should land comfortably on both feet without falling forward or backward.


At the top of your backswing your balance point should be over your trail foot, ensuring good knee bend throughout. Many golfers lose their balance because of tension in their legs


The follow-through should be a rhythmic transfer of your weight, resulting in almost all of your weight over your front foot.

A good way to test this is, if you can lift and hold your trail foot for 3 seconds, youll have a good sound balanced swing. If your shoulders are leaning backwards at the finish, it's very difficult to remain balanced.

Your finish helps dictate your swing. Finish in balance and it's a good bet your entire swing was in balance.


Balance Yourself to Build a Better Swing

Balance Yourself to Build a Better Swing

A very common problem for amateur golfers and some professionals alike when play Calgary Golf Courses is the inability of the player to maintain good balance through the duration of their swing. It is a very common problem among amateurs, and one of the biggest causes of poor and inconsistent contact. Maintaining balance is a primary factor to getting the club into a good position as your arms and hands approach the golf ball.

There are many reasons a golfer can have problems with their balance. One cause is the placement of the feet. A large number of players have their feet angled at a 90 degree angle from their target. This type of placement of the feet restricts the lead hip from clearing out of the way as the hands approach the golf ball. Players will particularly poor flexibility with have more difficulty clearing the lead hip and thus the body losses its balance.

A solution to this problem is to build a stance with balance being at the forefront of your swing thought. Try changing the angle of your lead foot, by placing it on a 45 degree angle to your target.

This placement of the foot not only allows for the body to maintain its balance as the swing goes into the golf ball, but also allows for balance to be maintained right through to the finish.

As a way to practice your balance, try to imagine someone is going to take your picture after your swing. What do you want your finish to look like in the photo? 

Try our your new swing at http://www.gleneaglesgolf.com

Hit it Straighter

The first step of hitting straighter shots, starts with the grip. This Tip was preached by the shark Greg Norman.

The Clap Your Hands Drill is very simple

We will start by simply taking a golf stance with your hands hanging naturally below your arms. Next make the motion of a clap. Keeping your hands together, this is defined as PARALLEL hands; this is what the drill focuses on. There are many variations of grips but if you break them all down they all are based off of having your hands parallel.

Once you are comfortable lets try it with a club. We are going to repeat the clap.

STEP 1    Take a normal golf stance.

STEP 2   Grip Club how what your used to.

STEP 3    Open your fingers, without moving club, check and see if hands are parallel.

STEP 4    Re Adjust hands to make them parallel.

This will feel different and unnatural at first but take a few swings and a little Practice. In no time you'll have parallel hands and golfing like Greg Norman.  Neutral Grips will result in your bottom palm facing the target, along with back side of the top hand facing the target.  WEAKER hand alignment will have hands favoring the ground and STRONGER Alignment will favor the sky

Again hand alignments are all preference this drill focuses on having hands PARALLEL.  Comfort is a key factor in having either a weaker or stronger grip, however ball flight will also dictate where your hands should be.  If you are slicking the ball you should strengthen your grip, if you are constantly hitting a hook then weaken your grip.

Grip pressure will also have an impact on how you grip the club.  You could have a very strong grip and still hit a slice since you hold the club to firm and you are not releasing the club properly.

Nike Proshop at GlenEagles

Visit our Nike Proshop, New for 2012

This year is an exciting year for our Proshop.  We have made the decision to become a full Nike Golf Partner and only carry Nike clothing and equipment.  Many people have asked my why we have decided to limit ourselves to one brand and I always tell them the same thing...Because Nike simply makes the best gear!!!  Now many people may argue and many have their own opinion and preferences but you simply cant beat their pricing, quality, performance, and brand recognition.  With Nike's empire the Golf devision has a vast amount of R&D and experience to create new and exciting Golf Products, using their shoe technology, moisture wicking clothing, and the power and strength of their marketing has helped Nike propel to one of the top golf manufacturers.

Nike's VR-S line is proving to exceptionally long this year.
More and More players are playing the 20XI ball with the RZN core to reduce spin off the driver but still maintain hold and feel around the green.
Nike clothing is always cutting edge of fasion and colors as well as maintain a basic line to hit every buyers price point.  You can also easily wear most Nike pieces away fron the golf course.
How do you beat the comfort and performance of Nike footwear.

Nike is simply one of the only Golf Brands that are a one stop shop for balls, shoes, clothes, clubs, gloves, bags, luggage, socks, watches, sunglasses, belts, etc, etc.

Now once you look beyond the quality and function of their items you will notice that all Nike equipment and clothing is priced reasonably.  Becoming a Nike Golf Partner allows us to negotiate the best pricing and pass that along to the golfer.

We are able to have a Nike Equipment Best Price Guarantee, Where you will find our prices the best around or we will match it and give you a sleeve of 20XI balls for free for your trouble.  We also get to carry the very best in rental clubs, as well as keeping our staff looking fresh and professional in all Nike uniforms.

Let us know your feedback once you step into our Nike Golf Shop.  You will find the best gear at the best prices, how can you argue with that!!!

Slade King
Executive Pro / General Manager 

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