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Good Posture

Tip of the Week:  “The Posture”

As an instructor I like to start off my beginner lesson’s with these simple steps to help start off with the proper posture to use for a great golf swing.  If you have been playing golf for many years and have never tried these steps I suggest you do.  Not only will you look like a better golfer, you will immediately feel more comfortable over the ball.  Many injuries can and may occur with the improper golf posture.

Posture is the term used to describe how a golfer stands to the ball. The golfing posture can maximize balance poise and the athletic potential at address. The aim is to carry these qualities over into the swing to increase power and control.

Incorrect posture leads to loss of balance, co-ordination and control in the swing, which inevitably leads to bad shots.

Try this routine in practice to develop good posture:

  1. ‰Take hold of your club and stand in a natural upright position with your back straight and your arms extended so your club is about belt buckle height and the club is pointing slightly downwards.
  2. ‰Bend forward from your upper hips/lower waist keeping the back straight until the club head touches the ground. Try to keep your hip girdle neutral and not tilted.
  3. ‰Try not to push your backside out – the idea that you should feel like you are sitting on a bar stool is incorrect and will lead to a weak core position.
  4. ‰Flex the knees to release the tension that has developed but do not over bend them.
  5. ‰Position the head so that it forms a natural extension to the spine. The chin should not be tucked into the chest.
  6. ‰The weight should be on the balls of the feet and not on the heels. The arms should be hanging loosely from your shoulders and your grip should be relaxed

  Give these simple steps a whirl and feel the difference.  Give it some time to see and feel the results.  Use a mirror to make sure things look the way they should.  Always consult a CPGA professional if there is any questions or concerns you may have about the posture of the golf swing and any other issue’s you may be concerned with.


Jarron Higgens
Associate Professional
Blue Devil Golf Club

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