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Aim at what you want to hit

One of the most common problems I see in golfers is poor alignment. The absence of consistent alignment causes many swing compensations where the player is attempting to make the ball go to the target. 

If the golfer is aimed left, they will attempt a swing to make the ball go back to the right and toward the target.  The swing faults associated with alignment too far left are weak grip positions, open clubface positions, overly inside out swing paths, and clearing with the body early or coming out of the shot.  All of these motions are out of athletic balance and will cause weak fades, slices or push shots not to mention poor contact and distance will be reduced, as it is a weaker hit. The student will be quite possibly one of the shorter hitters in the group.

Likewise, if the student is aimed right, they will have just the opposite problems with their swing.  The swing faults associated with alignment too far right are closed clubface positions, strong grip positions, outside to in swing paths, and staying on their back foot letting their arms pass their body faster than what is recommended.  The product of these out of balance swing faults will be pulled shots, hooked shots, topping the ball or hitting the ground first before the ball, and yes, the dreaded shank. This person is likely to be a long hitter with short to mid irons, but can struggle with long irons, some fairway clubs and Driver.

One basic rule is to aim the bodylines parallel to their intended target line. A club or alignment tool like a bare shaft or stick works well to remind the student.  The bodylines for a right-handed player have to be slightly left of the intended target or parallel left of the intended target line. The opposite is true for left handed players.

A good way to help picking a target and ensuring proper alignment is find your intended line and follow it back to 5 feet from your ball and find a tee, divot, or anything that will make lining up easier.

Some students need to perfect the alignment process with lessons and practice.  Still others have the knowledge and practice, yet continue to struggle with this fundamental.  For the all levels of players, the design of the club can make the difference between consistent and inconsistent alignment.  Have your irons lie angle, head design, shaft weight and flex, and driver loft checked by our staff to determined if the design is matched to your best alignment and swing. 


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