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Drain More Putts

Everyone loses strokes on the green; the lack of practice is the main reason for the struggles on the green.  There is a definite need for people to spend more time on the putting green working on the proper stroke.  Being able to control the distance and the line in which the balls roll is very important in having a consistent putting stroke.

We all miss putts because of two reasons, either we judged the speed of the putt incorrectly or the path on which the putter traveled was incorrect.  Now, face angle makes a difference but we are assuming the face is square to the target line at impact. 

This way of practice is efficient because it will help you breakdown where exactly the fault is in your putting stroke.

Next time you are out on the putting green focus on working on the speed and path of each putt you hit.  The first and most important thing to remember when working on this is to keep the practice session focused around one hole of the putting green.  When you hit numerous putts to the same location it will give you a better feel for the break around that particular hole.  Once you know for certain where the break is you will then be able to focus on striking the putt with the same speed and path each time.  Pick one angle on the hole from which to putt, the ideal location would consist of a small amount of break.  This will force you to make sure each putt you hit started on the proper line with the proper speed.  If you make three or four in a row and then miss one you will be able to determine if the issue was speed or path.  Make sure to change the angle and distance of your putts throughout your session but stay on the same hole location.  Try this out and see if the hard work turns into better results on the greens.

“Click” in next week for the next tip to help improve your golf game.  Hope this simple practice for putting will help you feel the line and speed off of your putter face.

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