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Its all in the hips

Every player is looking for a way to hit the ball straighter and longer.  There are many different gadgets and techniques to help ball control and distance.  You can go and spend money on any of these items and you may or may not achieve anything from them.  You can spend a lot of money on gadgets that you have no idea if they even work.  I have an easy way that won’t cost you a dime to gain distance and hit the ball more consistently. 

You will never hit the ball consistently long and straight if you slide or sway your hips significantly toward the target on the downswing.

In the best swings, the forward shifting or shuttling of the knees that initiates the downswing causes the hips to move laterally before they begin unwinding, or "clearing." But that lateral motion is always slight compared to the hip rotation that quickly follows it.

The simplest way I know to achieve the correct balance of lateral and rotational hip motion is to not allow your left hip to get ahead of your left foot at any point in the downswing or follow-through. In other words, the body action is mostly "around," not forward, through the strike.

If you find these moves difficult to achieve, focus on keeping your head behind the ball until the shot is well on its way. This will encourage you to turn, rather than slide your body through for solid, powerful contact.

So go to the driving range and give this a whirl.  If you are having issues trying to grasp the concept, feel free to approach your local CPGA Professional for some guidance.  You should notice a great difference in the distance and control of most shots. 

Just remember you want to have a turning motion and not a sliding motion of your hips while at the impact position of the golf swing.  The concept seems very simple but may take a little more practice than one thinks.  It never hurts to take a lesson from a certified professional to reassure you are doing what is needed to produce the best results you are capable of producing.

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Jaron Higgens
CPGA Assistant Pro
Blue Devil Golf Club

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