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Reading Greens from a Distance

Reading greens from a distance The pace of play in a round of golf has become an issue at many facilities. People are taking way too much time when preparing for a shot or even executing a shot. We see it on television all the time and feel it necessary to take as much time as we want to play a shot. A round of golf should never take more than 4 hours and 20 minutes; most rounds of golf should be played in 4 hours or less. This issue is starting to be dealt with at the higher level of golf, such as the Alberta Golf Association, the CPGA, the USGA and all sanctioned events across North America. This being said, I have a tip that will help you be able to read greens better and help you pick up the pace of play during a round of golf. Reading greens is hard for many players of the game. I have a great way to help you learn the slopes of a putting green and help you prepare for your putt. Most of the slopes on greens can be read from a distance. After hitting your approach shot into a green, while you are walking or while driving, it is much easier to see the slopes and contours of the green from 30 yards away. Make sure your looking where the water would run off if was raining out. All greens are built to allow water to flow off when there are torrential down poor’s. Being able to recognize these contours and slopes before even walking on the green will help you better understand the direction your putt should feed. As you keep getting closer make sure to really pay attention to the slopes as the breaks will start to be less defined as you approach a green. Now that you have already studied the green while you were approaching it, you will spend way less time trying to make a read from on the green; which in return will help your pace of play out tremendously. Most of the time lost on the golf course is once you get to a green, people take way too long to read a putt and figure out the slope of the green. This simple tip will not only help speed up the pace of play, it will allow you to get a better understanding of the slopes of a green. It is also a great way to help you stay focused on the next shot and hopefully make you a better putter. I hope this simple tip will help you better read greens, but most of all help you save time while playing a round of golf. Please feel free to pass this on to your friends, as everyone needs simple tips to help improve the pace of play on a golf course. http://www.gleneaglesgolf.com Jaron Higgens Associate Professional, Blue Devil Golf Club

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