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Stance is Power

At the foundation of every good golf swing is good balance. Maintaining balance will allow for both maximum speed and accuracy. Lose your balance and your swing falls apart.


At address, we are striving for what is called an athletic position.

This position is somewhat universal in sports, it’s used in a basketball free-throws, and especially swinging a baseball bat.

For this athletic position your weight should be balanced equally over the arches of both feet. From this dynamic position, your body is ready to quickly move in any direction.

A good way to check your balance is simply jump straight up in the air.

If you're balanced, you should land comfortably on both feet without falling forward or backward.


At the top of your backswing your balance point should be over your trail foot, ensuring good knee bend throughout. Many golfers lose their balance because of tension in their legs


The follow-through should be a rhythmic transfer of your weight, resulting in almost all of your weight over your front foot.

A good way to test this is, if you can lift and hold your trail foot for 3 seconds, youll have a good sound balanced swing. If your shoulders are leaning backwards at the finish, it's very difficult to remain balanced.

Your finish helps dictate your swing. Finish in balance and it's a good bet your entire swing was in balance.


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