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Balance Yourself to Build a Better Swing

Balance Yourself to Build a Better Swing

A very common problem for amateur golfers and some professionals alike when play Calgary Golf Courses is the inability of the player to maintain good balance through the duration of their swing. It is a very common problem among amateurs, and one of the biggest causes of poor and inconsistent contact. Maintaining balance is a primary factor to getting the club into a good position as your arms and hands approach the golf ball.

There are many reasons a golfer can have problems with their balance. One cause is the placement of the feet. A large number of players have their feet angled at a 90 degree angle from their target. This type of placement of the feet restricts the lead hip from clearing out of the way as the hands approach the golf ball. Players will particularly poor flexibility with have more difficulty clearing the lead hip and thus the body losses its balance.

A solution to this problem is to build a stance with balance being at the forefront of your swing thought. Try changing the angle of your lead foot, by placing it on a 45 degree angle to your target.

This placement of the foot not only allows for the body to maintain its balance as the swing goes into the golf ball, but also allows for balance to be maintained right through to the finish.

As a way to practice your balance, try to imagine someone is going to take your picture after your swing. What do you want your finish to look like in the photo? 

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