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Hit it Straighter

The first step of hitting straighter shots, starts with the grip. This Tip was preached by the shark Greg Norman.

The Clap Your Hands Drill is very simple

We will start by simply taking a golf stance with your hands hanging naturally below your arms. Next make the motion of a clap. Keeping your hands together, this is defined as PARALLEL hands; this is what the drill focuses on. There are many variations of grips but if you break them all down they all are based off of having your hands parallel.

Once you are comfortable lets try it with a club. We are going to repeat the clap.

STEP 1    Take a normal golf stance.

STEP 2   Grip Club how what your used to.

STEP 3    Open your fingers, without moving club, check and see if hands are parallel.

STEP 4    Re Adjust hands to make them parallel.

This will feel different and unnatural at first but take a few swings and a little Practice. In no time you'll have parallel hands and golfing like Greg Norman.  Neutral Grips will result in your bottom palm facing the target, along with back side of the top hand facing the target.  WEAKER hand alignment will have hands favoring the ground and STRONGER Alignment will favor the sky

Again hand alignments are all preference this drill focuses on having hands PARALLEL.  Comfort is a key factor in having either a weaker or stronger grip, however ball flight will also dictate where your hands should be.  If you are slicking the ball you should strengthen your grip, if you are constantly hitting a hook then weaken your grip.

Grip pressure will also have an impact on how you grip the club.  You could have a very strong grip and still hit a slice since you hold the club to firm and you are not releasing the club properly.

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