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The responsibility of management and staff to protect the public from food borne illness is fundamental. A food borne illness is simply a disease that is carried, or transmitted, to human beings by food. Throughout your employment, you will receive information on cleanliness standards, proper use of chemical cleaning, and disinfectant products. It is our objective to operate the restaurant at the highest level of cleanliness and sanitation for the benefit of our customers and employees.

Major cause of food borne illness

  • Food left in the danger zone of 40° to 140° for four or more hours. Keep all foods out of the danger zone of 40° to 140°.
  • Keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold.
  • Handle foods quickly during delivery, and put refrigerated and frozen foods away as soon as possible.
  • Sloppy personal hygiene habits will not be tolerated.
  • Always wash your hands after you - Smoke, eat, use the restroom, touch money, raw foods, or your face, hair or skin, cough, sneeze, or blow your nose, comb your hair, handle anything dirty, before and after taking a break.
  • Dispose of waste properly.
  • Take garbage out frequently.
  • Clean and sanitize garbage cans regularly.
  • Handle ice and tableware properly - Use clean scoops or tongs to pick up ice, do not use hands or glass.
  • Store scoops or tongs in a clean container, not in the ice.
  • Do not store any food or beverage in the ice.
  • Avoid touching food contact surface with dishes, utensils, etc.
  • Unplug equipment, and make sure hands are dry.

Wash removable parts in dish machine, or three-compartment sink, Wash and rinse stationary parts, Sanitize food contact surfaces with sanitizer, air dry before reassembling, without touching food contact surfaces.


Hear What Our GlenEagles Fanatics Have to Say

  • "The on course player assistant was amazing and it was an unexpected surprise."
    Keith P.

  • "Wonderful mid season shape! Nice work guys."
    Chris M.

  • "There is nowhere else I want to play!"

    Ralph S.

  • "Some of the best greens I've ever played; rolled true and with no flaws. Beautiful layout!"

    Dan L.

  • "I have golfed all around the world and I have never seen anything like the GlenEagles Player Host Program.... Great touch!"

    Derek B.

  • "The starter and beverage cart girl made our guests feel most welcome!"

    Lyle T.

  • "I'm always impressed by the course itself, and the staff and facilities make the experience awesome every time I play here." 

    Elias P.

  • "The ladies behind the registration desk are always friendly and welcoming!"

    Ed M.

  • "The Proshop staff were excellent!"

    Michael H.

  • "Extremely impressed with the course! Overall great shape"

    Duane D.

  • "The course concierge is a great idea. He is very friendly"

    Sean M.


    Yvonne H.

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